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Kevin Belingon (in red shorts) delivers a head kick towards Isaac Tuling's skull where "The Silencer " stopped Tuling during URCC 19 Collision.

ONE FC 3 – War of the Lions was a momentous occasion for a lot of people. It was an event that will be remembered fondly by those who were able to witness it live, those who saw it on Youtube, and by the promotion, the trainers and fighters. Well, at least those who won. Losing is something that doesn’t sit well with highly-competitive fighters and it’s just you handle that energy and urge to get back and redeem yourself inside the ring. Some fighters actually regress after one-sided losses and begin the end of their careers.

Don’t count Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon as one of them.

“The Silencer” has always been known for his aggressive stand-up. If you make a mistake in front of Kevin, he will capitalize on it and surely the next time you fight inside a ring or anywhere, you will never make the same mistake again. You give him a window of opportunity, he will knock you out. His aggressive style is what draws people to watch him but there are times when you must temper aggression for a more patient approach, especially when facing a specialist like Imanari. I literally cringed when I saw Kevin throw a leg kick at a downed Imanari. I thought it was like offering Rousimar Palhares your leg, or offering a bone to a dog.

Well, you’ve all seen what happened. A loss is a loss. What’s killing me though is that in one of this year’s biggest event, my countryman and one of my favourite fighters wasn’t able to showcase what he got. Even if he lost the fight eventually to a sub, I would’ve loved it if the world saw how Kevin Belingon fights. Go search his fights in Youtube and enjoy. If you love action, then you’ll surely love his fights.

Anyways, enough of what I have to say. Let’s hear it straight from Kevin Belingon himself.

Q:  Hi Kevin! What a tough loss against Imanari. Would you say you made a mistake that eventually gave him the submission win?

Kevin: Definitely. I made a mistake by coming in like that. I made that mistake and he caught my leg. Kudos to him, he saw an opening and made the most out of it. He’s a great fighter especially with subs and I tapped. No excuses. I’m now determined to just bounce back and win my next fight.

Q: Were you able to train against subs, especially leg subs knowing that you’re going against Imanari, who is a well-known leg-lock specialist? Even your one-time opponent Justin Cruz has a very painful submission defeat to Imanari.

Kevin: Yes. I really trained hard for this fight. Coming in, I knew that he was very dangerous on the ground I just really wanted to slug it out from the stand-up. Unfortunately he caught my leg in a very tight hold and I wasn’t able to pull out an answer for his attack.

Q: What are your immediate plans for the future? Are you going to fight in the URCC first before going back to ONE FC?

Kevin: All I’m set on doing is to train harder and to improve my ground skills, especially my Jiu-Jitsu. I haven’t been offered anything yet so I don’t know if my next fight will be in the URCC ring or the ONE FC cage.

Q: Kevin, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Any words for your fans in the URCC and ONE FC?

Kevin:  Thank you so much for all the support that you are giving me and God Bless! You will see a better fight from me next time.


Special thanks to Mr. Hochi Abaya for lending me the picture of Kevin from URCC 19!!!

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Eduard Folayang is known for bringing non-stop action and endless cardio, and for being a man of faith.

When the last second of the 3rd round was exhausted and the fight was over, I was pretty sure Eduard Folayang thought he won the fight. I had him winning by a hair and after the decision was given announcing Ole Laursen the winner by split decision, it sounded like the sold out crowd who came out to watch ONE FC 3- War of the Lions in Singapore also shared my thoughts.

It’s very unusual for me to see a fighter, one who is acclaimed by the crowd as a winner and not say a single word or phrase alluding to any thought that he thinks he won the fight. No statements of bravado saying the judges got it wrong or any of the usual bullsh*t you’d get from popular fighters like Rampage Jackson or BJ Penn.

I guess that just how Eduard “Landslide” Folayang prefers to operate, with humility and a quiet confidence that is both striking and refreshing at the same time.

I got to have a few words with the ONE FC Lightweight division star and current URCC Welterweight Champion and asked him a couple of questions. Read on.

Q: Hi Eduard! Congratulations on a great fight against Ole, man. Did you ever feel like you were having a hard time in the ring with him?

 Eduard: Yeah, Ole’s a good fighter too and I had a hard time anticipating what his game plan was at first. He really prepared hard for our fight and I’m very happy it was a great fight that the people enjoyed.

Q: Do you think you won the fight? A lot of the people including those watching live thought you won it.

Eduard: I really feel that I gave my best and left everything in the ring. The decision is in the hands of the judges.

Q: Do you want Victor and ONE FC to give you an immediate rematch against Ole? And if not, who do you want to fight next?

Eduard: You know, we really had a great fight and I really think Ole deserves to enjoy his victory. As for who I want to fight next, that would be anyone who ONE FC decides to match up with me.

Q: Are you planning to get right back in the ring or are you taking some time off after this one?

Eduard: I’ll rest just until after Holy Week. After that, I’ll be back in the gym to train and will be looking for my next fight.

Q: Are you planning to take your BJJ training a step further? A lot of times during the fight, you had many opportunities to finish the fight on the ground.

Eduard: Of course. I really want to and I plan to put a lot of effort into improving that part of my game and become a more well-rounded fighter.

Q: What would you like to tell your fans in ONE FC and the URCC?

Eduard: Thank you much for all the support and prayers that you’ve been giving me. I may have lost but it’s just one way to make me to grow and improve and be a better fighter. God Bless you all!

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I don’t think everyone has gotten over the awesome event that ONE FC 3 – War of the Lions was. People are still buzzing over the dominance displayed by Zorobabel Moreira, the epic bout between Ole Laursen and Eduard Folayang, and how about Jeet Toshi vs. Nicole Chua?

Of course, some people gained a lot and some fighters lost some during that epic night. Let’s go through some of the fights and personalities that would be talked about for quite some time. At least up until the next ONE FC event.

Biggest Winner: Zorobabel “Zorro” Moreira

Remember how Enomoto reminded “Zorro” that their match was a MMA bout and a grappling contest? Zorro proved that he isn’t a one-trick pony by using his reach and voluminous kicks to control the fight. Felipe Enomoto was surely no slouch as he brought the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion to the third round. He showed he can hold his own against the Evolve MMA fighter and looked the better striker technically but a kick from Moreira wobbled Enomoto and that setup the armbar that gave “Zorro” the win. There are a lot of people saying that Evolve MMA’s Zorobabel could very well be the 1st Lightweight Champion of ONE FC.

A fight with Ole Laursen would be interesting and logical.

Disappointed: Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon

Coming into his fight against Masakazu Imanari, Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon enjoyed an undefeated record and was riding a 9-fight winning streak. An early mistake made by the Japanese actually setup the submission. Imanari threw a wayward high kick that caused him to slip and fall to the mat. Belingon immediately thew an ill-advised kick to his downed opponent and that’s when Imanari grabbed a hold of his leg and never let go. It seemed as if Belingon didn’t know how to properly defend the myriad of leg submissions the “Ashikan judan” was attempting and it was only a matter of seconds before he had to tap out to a reverse heel hook. There are just nights that even the best fighters get caught and Kevin got caught by one of the best. I’m betting that “The Silencer” will be upping his training in submission defense.

A match with fellow Filipino Jessie Rafols would be an exciting fight.

War of the Night: Ole “Iron Fist” Laursen vs. Eduard “Landslide” Folayang

In what was a very close and entertaining fight, Ole Laursen took a split decision over fellow Filipino Eduard Folayang. It was a back and forth barn-burner which showcased not only Ole’s strong striking but also his grappling skills and Eduard’s energizer like cardio and never-say-die attitude. The first round was Ole’s, the second round was a swing round and the third was clearly Folayang’s. . It’s one of those fights that no one involved really comes out a loser.  A five-round rematch between these two would be a Godsend gift.

How about Ole Laursen fights Zorobabel and Eduard Folayang fights Enomoto, and then a rematch between Ole and Eduard?

Submission of the Night: Masakazu “Ashikan Judan” Imanari

Don’t voluntarily give Imanari your limbs. Any fighter who goes against the Japanese submission specialist should always remember that. Kevin Belingon forgot for a second and paid the price as Imanari caught his opponents leg from a downed position threw a variety of leg-locks before locking in a reverse heel hook that gave him the win.

A match with either Gustavo Falciroli or Irshaad Sayed would be a great fight.

Heavy Hands of the Night: Eddie “The Magician” Ng

The time it took for him to walk from the dressing room up to the cage was longer than his actual fight. “The Magician” wasted no time in getting down to business and took out Jian Kai Chee in 52 seconds. A heavy right hand started it, followed up by several knees that brought down Chee to the ground. A few seconds of ground and pound and the referee rescued the Malaysian from further punishment.

Give him Vuyisile Colossa. If he passes that test, Laursen, Folayang, Enomoto, Farciroli and Moreira will have a new playmate.

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