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Angelito Manguray sends a right straight crashing through Honorio's jaw in their URCC 19: Collision fight.

In what is turning out to be one of the most awaited matches on the URCC 21: Warpath fight card, Will “The Kill” Chope and Angelito “The Saint” Manguray have spat out words that have brought it to the forefront of the mma masses that will flock to the SMX Center on April 28th. Manguray came out with a video saying that Chope has been disrespectful and will “let his fists do the talking” come fight time. Reports have come out that Chope may have called his older adversary an “old carabao” that got Manguray’s camp incensed.

Let’s allow the fighters to clear things up shall we?

I have always found Angelito Manguray as a level-headed man with wisodom and perspective on his side. Seeing him on a leaked video stating that he feels disrespected and will just give his answer in the ring was surreal. As much as it was refreshing to see someone actually do that, it was very suprising to see Angelito being the one to be on one especially since his moniker “The Saint” is very much deserved.

“I really didn’t feel disrespected” said Manguray when we were able to chat for a while. “Some of his friends called me an old carabao in FB. Well, you know the saying, everything becomes better with age. So I wasn’t offended. But one thing’s for sure, he called me out.” As for Will Chope, he doesn’t think anything he did was remotely disrespectful. He’s a guy who just wants to fight. And he doesn’t want easy fights, he wants to be in wars and I think he got what he prayed for in “The Saint”. “Angelito almost took Honorio 20 minutes inside the ring. He’s tough. I know I’ve got to be strong on my toes and quick with my hands. My ground base is solid. Conditioning will surely be the key in this fight. When asked about the video where Manguray appeared and said he was disrespectful, Chope had this to say, “The video was good, surely created some good hype for our fight. He seems to be a quiet guy. The reason I want to fight Angelito is because of his match from Martial Combat. If I’m disrespectful if I call someone out, then so be it. I just want to get into tough fights and keep improving.”

“When he called me out, I really took it as a compliment. Will Chope didn’t disrespect me. He was asking for tough opponents and specifically mentioned my name. It felt good more than anything, to be recognized as one of the toughest in the URCC.” Hearing these words, you might get to thinking that maybe their fight won’t be an explosive one after all. There’s too much respect and calm from both fighters, especially from Manguray. But then, he had this to say in closing, “As a professional MMA fighter, things shouldn’t be hyped up to make me throw punches. I just switch on my fighter mode and start hating my opponent when the all the smoke clears and we’re in the ring. After the fight, I’ll just switch it back to friendly mode and start trusting people again. That’s how I work”.

Enough said right?

Watch them fight in URCC 21: Warpath on April 28, 2012.

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ONE FC 3 - War of the Lions

Folayang lands a body kick on Laursen in their fight held in Singapore.

In a war of lions, two of the best homegrown mma fighters to ever come out of the Philippines fell short in their bid to extend their winning streaks stretching back to Martial Combat FC.

Last Saturday, March 31, 2012, at ONE FC 3 – War of the Lions held in Singapore, Team Lakay’s Eduard “Landslide” Folayang and Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon both lost to their rivals dealing Folayang his second professional loss and breaking Belingon’s undefeated record.

In a back to back brawl that saw the audience gasping and getting out of their seats, Eduard “Landslide” Folayang lost a split decision to Ole “Iron Fist” Laursen in what I and a lot of people predicted would be a classic fight.

Both came out swinging in the first round but everyone was surprised with Ole’s display of his much improved grappling skills. He practically took Folayang down at will and even threatened with a Kimura and a Rear Naked Choke. As expected, Ole’s striking was more technical and he would land punches, kicks and knees on Eduard. Although it was a close round, I gave the round slightly to Laursen for takedowns. During the second round, what in my mind doomed the fight for Eduard, aside from his takedowns and combinations, Ole Laursen threw a very stiff jab that knocked down Folayang exposing his back to Laursen for a few moments. Eduard would then throw wicked combinations that would end with either a spinning elbow or a spinning back kick but I guess due to the knockdown, judges gave the round to Laursen. I gave the 2nd round to Folayang. Although he was dropped early in the round, I believe his flurries and combinations were enough to steal it. The third round showcased the big similarity between the Energizer Bunny and Eduard, they just keep going. Eduard fired off so many punches and body kicks in this round that Ole looked ragged and worse for wear. Eduard just threw everything he had and a very game Laursen just stood there and returned with heavy leg kicks. In my eyes, round 3 goes to Folayang by landslide but then he would have to swallow this one as a split decision loss as the majority judges definitely saw it in a different way.

Laursen looked the more complete fighter that night and maybe a match with Zorobabel Moreira or a rematch with Felipe Enomoto would be interesting. It would also be great if his next fight is held in the Philippines so that “Iron Fist” would be better known by his countrymen. Maybe a rematch with Eduard in Manila? Eduard looked good even if defeat and maybe some mat time would be great for the “Landslide”. His boxing has improved but his Jiu-Jitsu needs a bit more polishing. There were a couple of times that Eduard could’ve won it from the ground and they would do well to take advantage of that next time.

In a one-round affair, Masakazu “Ashikan Judan” Imanari defeated Kevin Belingon with a Heel-Hook. Twenty seconds or more into the fight, just as they are circling each other and measuring each other’s range, Imanari threw a head kick that was very far off and resulted in a slip. Just as Imanari rolled onto his back, Kevin attacked a mistakenly threw a roundhouse to the “Ashikan Judan’s” leg which was caught by the Japanese who turned it into a leg-lock. Kevin would defend well for but after Imanari transitions into an inside heel-hook, Belingon had no choice but to tap at the 3:42 mark of the first round. If Kevin is to face another high-level Jiu-Jitsu fighter in the future, he needs to bring his BJJ to a higher level. I could say that he got caught with a leg-lock by the guy who is considered to be either #1 or #2 in the world with regards to leg-locks but the truth is, mma fighters need to be really well-rounded especially at the level where they are fighting.

Eduard Folayang vs. Ole Laursen Fight Video – just click the link below

Kevin Belingon vs. Masakazu Imanari:

You can watch the whole event here:

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